Returning to our Kenyan Home

As we fly out to Kenya today, our hearts are not as sore from leaving family and friends as our hearts has been before when leaving on previous trips. Of course that is not because we care any less and although it is so cold, it is not because we cant wait to swap the weather. I suppose the feelings we have been having leading up to this departure, are feelings of contentment and  this then leads to excitement.

Over the past week we have had a real sense that we are still in the place God really wants us right now, still on the exact same path God brought us to. The scenery has changed and surroundings are a little different as we enter yet another chapter, but He is still leading us.

We have learnt so much over the past year, including; learning that sometimes even when it's both terrifying yet amazing, you should have faith and pursue it.

Just as I will never outgrown the excitement of looking out my window and seeing fresh snow, I could never outgrow the excitement of going on another adventure with our God.

Keep up-to-date by regularly checking this blog page! So here is to another year, another adventure, lets start the journey...

Kelly StrongComment