Join our Journey for 'WOW - Widows of Worth' 2015

Last year, 2014, we organised six programmes for widows. Why widows? We really feel God tells us in the bible that we should love and look after the widows and the orphans. Over the years, God has increased the desire in our hearts to invest into the widow’s lives, leading them to discover who their identity is in Christ. We strongly believe that if you help the widows, you too are helping the orphans. Their children are fatherless, and their families are without provisions. The widows in Western Kenyan are not just old women. An average widow is in her early forties and is caring for four or more children. In this culture, widows are outcasts, they are marginalised. They have no income, there is no sign of government aid, no advocate and they are frequently victimised. The widows struggle to meet the basic daily needs of their children and themselves: food, shelter, medical care, clothing, and education. Although public education is available for children, you cannot send children to school without proper supplies and clothing. Without an education there is often no hope for a better future.


What is it that we want to achieve exactly? Well, ultimately we want to introduce the Trinity to as many people as possible. Our prayer is that every widow we meet will be lead to salvation. We feel our God wants us to express His heart to the widowed and abandoned women, to remind them of their worth and their purpose. Our vision is to assist them emotionally, socially, spiritually and where possible vocationally. We want to see these women working together in their communities to support each other and become self sufficient.

Our hearts are telling us to invest into their lives and love on them. We aim to tell them of their worth, aiding them to discover their identity as a daughter of the Most High King. We seek to see them grow in their faith and for their personal relationships with God to deepen. We want to represent our Heavenly Father by practicing love, mercy and grace, as Jesus taught and did.

James 1:27 says, ‘Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.’

Sometimes it is difficult to know just how to help someone who has suffered great loss. It can be difficult to know what to say and it can be challenging to find the appropriate words. Grieving can be a long and slow process. We want to develop strong relationships with the widows in the rural areas around Western Kenya. We want to be able to form committees for them in theirs communities so that they are able to surround themselves with others that can empathise with their journey. Our hope is to teach them how to become self-sustainable by working together and using all their local and personal resources. Once each committee is formed, our aim is to elect leaders that will arrange and continue regular bible studies and prayer groups, as well as be able to highlight the most vulnerable and desperate widows to us so that we can assist - in a way that is appropriate.

This is just our vision, which has come from the passion God has raised up inside us over the past 15 months. We know that each time we offer our hands and feet to His works, He always does exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could ever ask or imagine. We are so excited to see what God has in store, the people we will meet and we can't wait to see the fruit of His works this year.

Isaiah 1:17, 'Defend the fatherless, plead for the widow.’

Kelly StrongComment