Miraculous Missionary Moments...

As we checked our bags in, it became clear that we were not sitting together on the plane. I began to feel a little nervous. Flying has never been an issue, it has always been an exciting experience however over the past few years, whenever we have flown a fair distance I have suffered from built up pressure in my head when descending. The only way I can describe this feeling is, it feels like your head is about to burst and land on someone's lap with your eyes no longer attached! The lady at the last check - in desk then tried to move us closer but we were still several rows apart. Jono and I began to pray for a shift. Our faith has grown so much over the past couple of years and we knew that our expectations of God to intervene needed to be bigger. As we boarded the plane and found our seats, Jono helped me put my baggage in the overhead locker, when a man then approached us. He said he had noticed we were together and he said felt prompted to swap his seat with us, so that we were then able to sit next to each other. It was so random and we have never experienced a complete stranger be so kind. As we sat together, we began thanking God for how He had prompted this stranger and we were filled with His peace. As we descended nine hours later in to Nairobi airport, I was so thankful I did not experience any pain either.

The bumpy road back to our home town was just the same as ever, a very dusty and bumpy experience.

'When you live in a place like Kenya but was born and raised in a place like the UK, you obviously start off by being completely shocked at everything you see when you are living within a third world country and it pushes you and pushes you to do something...' This is something I wrote in my journal last year and we experienced exact feelings once again as we travelled through the town and villages on the way back home. As we saw families struggling with poverty, watched very young children be sent out to fetch water and firewood and people eating from piles of scraps... we are here for a time such as this. Maybe we will not be able to change the world, but we can help change someone's world.

As we drove closer to our home town of Kakamega, our excitement grew and grew. Our eyes began meeting familiar faces and we both felt the feeling of contentment. As the gates to the children’s home became visible to our eyes, the feeling of joy was uncontainable.

The children and staff began singing and our names were being chanted throughout the compound. All the children seemed ecstatic that we were back and they were desperate to tell us their stories. Each child's hugs were so precious and they seemed to keep coming throughout the day. We then had a sleepover at the children's home and this enabled us to do some much needed catching up with the kids and staff.

Although we had been in the UK for five weeks, it suddenly felt like we hadn't been away at all. Being surrounded by all the little ones and being back in Kakamega seems very normal. Home. We have settled so quickly once again and we are back heading up the social department, working alongside and empowering the staff. We are continuing to work on the repatriation process that we started within The KCP last year and we have many children to follow up in their rural homes, which we are really looking forward to.

We have also started to plan the next WOW (Widows of Worth) event and we know that this year God wants to take the widows project to a new and higher level. I personally feel God's desperation for the widows of Western Kenya to discover their identity in Christ. I am hoping to share further my heart and vision for WOW with you in my next blog. 

To finish, it is Wednesday, we love Wednesday mornings! We get the privilege of taking the eight littlies swimming and it is so much fun! Jono is trying to teach them how to kick their legs properly as well as their technique. They all line up and one by one, they take it in turns to do a few laps with Jono in the big pool. It is so enjoyable to watch! They are really improving and not one of them is now scared of the water any more. Progress!!!  


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