For A Time Such As This!

When I was a young child, my dreams and ambitions were so big that not even an inch of me thought that I would ever be able to achieve any of them. God has been reminding me of the things He allowed me to dream as a little girl. He often whispers things to me that remind me of how I courageously used to think without limits. As a young girl, I never thought about whether I would be able to have enough money to achieve my ambitions, and I never thought about the various challenges I could face trying to reach them. I just believed that the only possible way I could ever achieve my dreams, the dreams that would fill my mind as I lay to sleep each night, would be through God alone. From the stories I would hear at church about my Father God, to listening to the many miracles He performed and still continues to perform, and from feeling Him deep inside, I knew His character was ultimately incomprehensible and that he could do the impossible. I am realising more and more that we must ask God for a childlike faith sometimes. When I say childlike, I do not mean childish. I believe there is a big difference. Childish faith could portray faith that would be easily fooled or easily led astray. Childlike faith is faith that thinks outside the box. The simplicity of a child's world view is amazing. Their innocent faith can be something that can be hard for us to exhibit as adults. As we get older, many often tend to mistake knowledge for wisdom. The more we know (or think we know), the more we doubt or question. You may feel like your reasons to reject the Bible are justified, but it only takes one reason to start believing it and allow it to transform your heart. The love of God changes everything. Once I accepted the fact that God loves me with an unconditional love, I then began seeing that living with a more childlike faith, hope and trust is a wonderful way to live. Simply having the faith to believe that He can do ALL things. The dreams God gives us seem more achievable when we have faith like that, and the impossible then doesn't just seem possible, it becomes possible. It becomes reality.

God has been talking to me about this season of our lives, being a season of equipping and training. I realised that this training ground we are on, is so that one day, together with my Heavenly Father's guidance (and in His perfect timing), we will achieve the impossible together. The dreams and ambitions that once seemed like huge giants will come into fruition because I believe He can do all things and He wants His plans to succeed. Miracles start to happen when you give all you have to Him. Giving every ounce of energy, every motion and every thought to the assignments that God has given you, instead of your earthly fears and earthly ambitions will prove you to be ready for great expeditions with your Daddy God. If your dreams don't scare you, if they don't take you to places that you never imagined going, then maybe your dreams are not quite big enough? God always does exceedingly abundantly above and He doesn't work in the natural. Who God is to us, He will be through us. Our God is massive and He works within the supernatural, not working within the limits of the world. Whatever circumstance you are in, it is time to be a dreamer, a thinker and it is time to become a doer. God will never fail you, so let's begin to really trust Him!

We need to be seen to be positive wherever we go, thinking bigger than ever before, believing in the unknown and having faith in the unseen. We must seek to see the impossible, we must do the unthinkable and we must live in the supernatural that is alive and that surrounds us. We must turn the impossible into possibility. We must rise up and join together our spiritual understanding, so that we can lead His people from death to life, out of darkness and into the light. We were each born and chosen for a time such as this. We have actually been training since the very day we were born, to trust in the Lord with all our hearts and to not lean on our own understanding, to go to the places He leads us and to share His good news. We have been training to display our Father's love to the lost, to lead people to the cross and into salvation. It is all, for a time such as this!

Together, we are carriers of Gods authority, His Spirit and Gods truth, all of which needs to be taken to those around us, into the nations, and to the ends of the earth. We must be valued in communities to be able to influence the world! What influence do you have in your circles? We must seek to reveal His kingdom through invitation not invasion. Here on earth, we are in the middle of a spiritual war, where the darkness is trying to influence and compete for each life. There is more darkness in the world than any of us can ever imagine. As we serve here in Kenya, we are seeing many of the lives disrupted by sexual exploitation, injustice, baby sacrifice, slave labour, witchcraft, molestation, corruption at its worst, sickness and so many other horrific darkness's. It is time we choose to step up our training level. It is time we choose to blow back the darkness together by choosing weapons stronger than any darkness that surrounds. It is important that we realise that the spiritual realm is fighting against more than flesh and blood. The Trinity is the integral weapon we all need for this battle and Holy Spirit is the key to life, the key to causing the supernatural to happen on your assignments and mine. We need to take His light to the darkest places. We must not let the enemy have access to our mighty weapon of warfare. We must stand strong. God wants us to have access to supernatural resources. We must equally focus on the Trinity and allow for intimacy with our relationship with God.

God is rising up an army. He wants His army to have kingdom thinking, heavenly thinking. We must replace our earthly thinking with kingdom thinking. Jesus in us is kingdom! When Jesus is at the centre and we allow Him to intervene and control all our circumstances and our steps, we allow for the supernatural to happen. I believe that the supernatural has power to bring complete healing and peace to a country that is out of control. There is no time like the present when reaching out to those being held hostage by darkness, war and death. It is time to decide whether it is time to leave the training ground you have been on and embark on the next journey God has planned for you. It is time we act. Wherever each of us go, may we all go reflecting the outrageous love of our Father. Let's all live a life of love instead of a life of words. Let the love of God compel you to radically love in extraordinary ways. So today let's all exchange our earthly filters to become heavenly filters. Let's live to increase His fame on earth through His love. Let's achieve the plans He has for us and let's fulfil the dreams we were once given, the one's we thought too complicated and unachievable. Let's have childlike faith that takes us from our training grounds to our next chapters. Where will God take us? Where will He lead us next? How very exciting, we, all born for a time such as this!

Kelly StrongComment