The greatest things are done by a series of small things brought together!

Imagine if everyone was passionate about ending world poverty.

Poverty is not an accident. It is actually a crime that we still tolerate poverty! It doesn't always look like crossing the world to feed a hundred people, it may be that you stay where you are and feed one. Eradicating poverty is not a task of charity, nor is it a task for a few, overcoming poverty is an act of justice. If you are neutral on situations of injustice you have chosen the side of the oppressor.  I look back at the possessions I once had, the possessions I still have and the possessions I desire. No, we don't always get what we want but consider this, some people have never got what they needed to merely survive. So many people living around us do not have the necessities they need in life like we do in the West, some merely just exist, many don't live. The big issue here is that we have enough in the world for everyone,but the world doesn't have enough for everyone's greed. It breaks my heart to type, as I look out the window at the hopelessness around me and as I catch eyes that reveal desperate need for hope and love.

Imagine if everyone was determined to help a child that was fatherless, orphaned. Every child deserves a hero, a champion, an Father that can prove there is such love as Father love. A mother that shows kindness. We must step in to defend the fatherless and we must plead for the widows. The people suffering from poverty need someone who will never give up on them. Sometimes, whilst we are surrounded by scenes of poverty, it feels like it is punishment to a crime that was never committed. Living in Kenya, surrounded by pictures of grief and sorrow, it is understandable that the passion in our hearts to bring hope has increased. We feel it would be impossible to walk away from the opportunity God has given us in which we have the privilege to serve those who are in need and vulnerable. We have been pushed and pushed to do something. We should be repulsed by poverty. It is not normal for families to live off of scraps formed on the dirty streets. It is not okay that young children are living on the streets, fending for themselves and becoming victims of abuse. It is not okay when people have no rights. It is not okay that disabled people are outcasts in their societies and often hidden or killed because of lack of education.

If wealth came from nothing but the hard work and hours put in by each individual, I honestly believe many women in Africa would be millionaires! Often, I remind myself that Jono and I may not have the capability to change the whole world, we weren't born to change it all, but we can change the world around us. Jesus keeps reminding us to stop, when we hear the word 'stop' we can love on one person at a time. He wants us to raise our voice for the voiceless and he wants us to give our time. We are often asked why we have given up everything to serve God in Kenya, some people do not understand why we believe in a God that allows poverty. Let's just say, sometimes I do ask God why He allows poverty, famine and injustice in the world. When God replies, He always asks me why the people of the world have allow it. It breaks His heart that we allow it! It is time we realise that poverty was not created by God, it in fact was created and allowed by us and it continues because we choose to not share what we have. So, here's to a year full of gestures, a series of small things that put together will bring light to more dark places. We pray that God will give us the strength as He leads us to those He wants us to bless. Father God, will you take Jono and I to where love is needed and will go with us. We are ready again, as we start this new week, to love one at a time. Are you ready to do something? It's time for a change, but change means acting. Are you in?

Kelly StrongComment