Beautiful Creation


I don’t think I will ever forget the first time we visited the Rondo Retreat Centre here in Kakamega Rainforest, Kenya. I had a remarkable experience of awe for the God of creation that is my Father. Never had I seen such extraordinary beauty like that of those rainforest colors and the delightful sounds that filled my ears, and it was all so close. I remember taking myself off to a quiet spot to just sit and admire. Another visit, we were blessed by some family at Christmas and were able to spend a night in one of their cabins and, as night fell, for as far as my eye could travel, millions of stars in the night sky, simultaneously I felt both a distance from God and a peacefulness from God.

I stood in awe once again, wondering how a God who took time to create such vastness, could care for little me. Amazingly, of all stories, the creation story affirms for us that God really is not only mindful of us but has created us in the likeness of God purposefully. And for what purpose? Well, we are created in the image of God to have function and purpose in our relationship with all of creation, including our relationship to each other and ultimately with our Daddy God.

We must recognise the beauty that God created among and within us so that we can live out our purpose together as the body of Christ.  When we are living purposefully, we fit together like a jigsaw puzzle whose pieces are indistinguishable and yet quite unique when they join together. Can you see your true beauty? Can you see where you fit into this world?

Today, we visited the Rondo again for the day, being our day off, we wanted to be surrounded by the beautiful creatures He created, and the trees, plants and vines that really are so stunning. Sometimes it is quite hard to see the beauty that essentially covers the earth when you live within such a corrupt and poverty stricken land. However, as we sat within the grounds of the gardens, we were once again surrounded by a vast amount of birds. The birds were all so unique, their calls and songs were also so distinctive, yet they each had similarities as they glided and created flight patterns around us. The colors were vibrant and the designs on their feathers were all so pretty. We then noticed the spectacular show of butterflies that seemed to be putting on a beautiful performance in front of us. Soon after, the Colobus monkeys arrived and also put on a fascinating display.

I sat and was reminded of all us human beings, all so different yet actually so alike and so parallel. When you are looked at individually by our Father God He sees someone so very special, someone specifically created in a way that no other person can imitate. He molded you the way you are to be unlike any other. But, when He looks at us altogether He looks at us all as something incredibly precious and exquisite. He sees His children.

I thank God for each of you, for your purposefulness together as the fuller representation and image of our living and loving Father God!

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