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Meet A special little princess

*Due to child protection circumstances, we do not disclose any children's names on social network posts*

Cutie Pie is still very little, she only turned three years old this April. Jono and I first met her in December 2013 when following up on her situation with our other team members from The KCP. Earlier that year, Cutie Pie's three siblings were removed from their home in the local slum due to their guardian illegally selling drugs and alcohol to the locals. The guardian was also a serious drug and alcohol user and was unable to care for the children sufficiently. Due to Cutie Pie being a baby at the time, and the fact that she was still breastfeeding, it was previously decided that her transition out of the home needed to look slightly different and take longer than her older siblings transition.

After many regular visits to the slum to spend time with the guardian, we were able to slowly wean her off of breastfeeding, this was absolutely incredible to watch. Although it was difficult to witness at times, seeing this beautiful baby girl go from being drunk and lifeless (due to the toxic things she was consuming through the milk), to becoming a sober child with a lot of character, it was precious.

The local Children's Department spent time with the guardian and many techniques were put into action to try and help the guardian start a new life, however all attempts failed. One day, a group of us entered the slum with a pastor and several others for security purposes. We found the guardian in a bad way due to alcohol. Men were lying on her floor amongst what literally was rubble. They were also drunkards, unable to walk. Cutie pie lay sleeping on what looked like a tea towel behind another pile of rubble. This place really was no place for a child. It was amazing that the guardian was now feeding Cutie Pie fruit and giving her regular milk sachets. She was no longer breastfeeding. This was a real breakthrough! We spent some more time with the guardian, we prayed for her and she began praying with us and began crying out asking God for forgiveness. The pastor lead her through a salvations prayer and she asked Jesus into her life. Although we will never know what truly happened inside her at that moment, we knew God was present in that dark little liquor smelling home.

That day the guardian gave over her last little child. She handed her into the arms of the Sub-County Children's Officer and Cutie Pie was then reunited with her other siblings at The KCP.

It was a tough day. Tougher than most we have lived. I can't imagine what the guardian felt. I can't imagine what Cutie Pie felt. Since that day, we have seen this baby girl grow and grow. She has developed a special personality and has become full of life. We really don't know what would have happened if she was still living in the conditions she was. We do know however that God has given her another chance and a brighter future. We know that God has really provided this family with hope and love.

It is unfortunate that the guardian actually passed away last year and it seems that none of the Father's were ever really known, leaving the children as orphans.

We have now linked the four siblings up with an Uncle and they have been building connections and relationships with him and his family. We know there is a future for these kids and we know that God has amazing plans for each of them.

We Strong's have been so privileged to have been a part of their journey, love on them through their pain and see them be loved back to life again. We have been overwhelmed with the way they have also loved on us and given us joy. They are a family we will never forget, these are memories we will have forever and moments that we shall always treasure. Every hug has been precious! We cannot wait to see what God does in their lives, what paths they are taken on and the journey they will each walk.

Please pray for them as they build relationships with their wider family members, please pray that God will provide a way for them to eventually be reunited with their family. Please pray for Cutie Pie, who really is extremely cute, that she will grow to know her Heavenly Father and that she will know the love that surrounds her.

We are so thankful for the work that The KCP do and for each child's transformation that we have been able to witness and be a part of.

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