*Due to child protection circumstances, we do not disclose any children's names on social network posts*

We thank God for the continued opportunity to serve the kids and the staff daily here at The Kenyan Children’s Project’s children’s home in Kenya. We continue to give our all into raising up a team on the ground out here that are then giving their all, into creating brighter futures for the severely vulnerable in this region, the marginalised and, those in need of justice that have no voice. Our team is dedicated and they want to ensure lives are saved, literally as well as spiritually. By working together with our team, we hope to reflect Gods love as each of us are made in His image. We hope to practically help those in need by supporting wisely by giving long term solutions, even when a situation is needing an immediate solution.

We are often able to provide comfort to the children who frequently go through times of grieving and unrest around us. We have recently been working with families and children struggling with issues, such as; alcoholism, witchcraft, drug abuse, absolute poverty, polygamy, concubines, HIV/AIDs, substance abuse, sexual abuse, loneliness, bereavement, morbidity etc. Understandably, we are unable to write home explaining the ins and outs of all we do. It is also very difficult for us to find words to express our feelings, however I feel today I must try. This week, we have experienced heart break once more. Many times in missions, we speak of the difficulties with greater frequency than the good things. Perhaps you’ve heard from us friends that are living oversees lots about racism, culture shock or the loneliness we often find ourselves in. Today, although I am reflecting on the trauma and pain, I want to focus and express how very proud we are of our team out here. Our growing team of life changers (our Social Care Team) were so loving and compassionate as they courageously walk as ambassadors, projecting the love of Christ to everyone with whom they came in contact. I know I am biased, however I see first-hand how they communicate and care for the children that are desperate for a hope. They just love so well. It is so easy, wherever you live and work, to see all that you do not like but sometimes we should take a moment to pause, and see the treasures of the people and place in which we work.

Here, we are surrounded by a land full of crime, corruption, death and broken family after broken family. We are regularly hearing about mob justice and it happens right outside our front doors. We’ve watched police steal from the weak right before our very own eyes and, we know too well of the abuse that is happening under the roofs of so many. But, this week as I stood gazing at our team in the local hospital, I saw real love. We sat around taking it in turns to distract Moses from the pain he was facing. Even sitting up in his hospital bed was uncomfortable, the pressure sores and the Tungaisis (sand-fleas) that had been eating away at many areas of his body; including his bottom, knees, elbows, head, feet, hands and shins; it was all too much for this severely malnourished 9 year old child. The neglect and mistreatment that he has faced over the years is indescribable and simply it is completely inhumane. Our team of life changers had no choice but to intervene in this little ones life this week.

Watching each of the team as they begin building a rapport with Moses was just one of those moments. You know, one of those moments you know that you will never ever forget. I am confident that our team will continue to whole heartedly love this child back to life. It is obvious that he may have died if the team had not of found him. Moses has been losing his mobility due to his current condition but we know that as a team we will fight for him to walk again, we will fight for him to live, we will fight for him to know what family means and he will be loved. The other details of his life are very sensitive and to protect him I will say no more. It is strange, Moses entered all our lives out of nowhere and suddenly, he means a lot to us all. I thank our Kenyan team for reminding us of what love really is. I know Moses will be seeing love in a while new way right now, if not seeing love for the very first time. I know we may not be able to fix all his problems, but I know that he won’t have to face them alone. Our social care team is love in action. Go team!

Our hearts are a little sore this week, yet our hearts are also very excited at the chance and privilege of bringing hope to this precious little child. I know that as a team we will be rejoicing together in the near future as we begin to see transformation and His Father God brings radical change to his life. Cases like Moses’s case, is why The Kenyan Children’s Project exists. If you feel lead to give towards his crisis fund, please contact us for more information. Please join us in prayer for this very small 15kg child, may he be healed, may he begin to trust us, know what love it and soon understand who his Heavenly Father and Saviour is.

We thank God for the work in which The Kenyan Children’s Project continues to support and do, even when it is not clear where the finances will come from. We are so thankful for His protection over us and Hunter in all that we do. We are so blessed to be volunteering alongside such a good team out here, and that we are really starting to see the fruit of investing into a few wonderful lives. Truly the hand of the Lord is with us, may we feel His presence more and more.