A common question we are asked, is, ‘can African countries successfully implement family and community care?' The answer is, absolutely yes! Yes they can!

Kenya launched the ‘Guidelines for Alternative Family Care of Children’ and our NGO in Kenya works very closely alongside these guidelines to ensure best practice.

Our project has 8 diverse community projects, with their own team of employees, that contribute to caring and supporting of communities holistically.

Our project has reintegrated 76 children from our Urgent Care Centre in the past few years and many of these children were once street children, or particularly vulnerable. Another 35+ children have also been reintegrated straight from the streets back to their homes.

Families are so important and we believe that it is possible, in most circumstances, to keep families together. Strategic investment into ‘at risk families’ is where support should begin.

Furthermore, a child care and protection system developed to prioritise preventing separation of children from their families and communities, will lead to reducing the number of children who need formal care.

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Kelly StrongComment