#Throwback to the day that the we had the privilege of reintegrating this family back to their community, after working one-to-one with this young widow.

At just 19 years old, this young woman was widowed. Sadly her husband was believed to have died in a road accident. She had not long given birth to two beautiful twin girls, of which she then became their sole provider. Emma was also suffering from illness and has severe physical disabilities.

Emma was left particularly vulnerable in her community and had faced discrimination and marginalisation, particularly because of her disabilities. She needed a helping hand and alongside everyone at CTP-K, we offered just that.

Emma and her beautiful twins were brought into our Urgent Rescue Centre, and she was assisted one-to-one for 9 months. She was given numeracy and literacy lessons, her medical needs were met and she participated in the counselling and therapy services we offered her.

Being kept together as a family meant that Emma was able to continue breastfeeding her young twins and their attachment was not ever broken. We built Emma and her twins a secure home to return to and the holistic work and transformation lead to us then working with Emma’s rural community and her wider family.

We worked towards a reintegration date; let’s just say, the reunification of the family back into their community and rural home was incredibly special in every way and to this day, the family are flourishing more and more.

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