I’m so hungry to learn about how we can further see children and their families freed from trauma and vulnerability. There is a hope for these individuals. There is a future waiting for them, one without fear and without suffering.

I’ve learnt so much this season already and I have especially loved the incredible ‘shame’ and ‘trauma training’ I’ve been on recently. I hope to be more and more trauma informed as I continue to seek to see lives changed in this area. We cannot change the past but we can be a part of helping to change the future. I am more passionate than ever to see a world free from abuse and filled with peace and love.

This month (and year) ahead is about positioning oneself to have deep encounters with my Father God. I want to hear what the Lord feels and has to say about the trauma that His children face, how He feels. I will be reading what God’s word says, as well as soaking up wisdom and knowledge from other resources. Basically, I’m ready to be a sponge!!! I will give little updates on what I’m learning as I continue this journey... what a HUGE subject trauma is. The impact of trauma is ridiculously huge (impossible to measure) and extraordinarily detrimental.

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