The Oxford Dictionary defines reintegration as, ‘the action or process of integrating someone back into society.’ What an understatement! It’s SO MUCH much that more than that, I’m so passionate about it because it’s some of these thing too:

🌻 It’s the process of a separated child making what is anticipated to be a permanent transition back to his or her family and community, or where not possible, finding ‘forever a family’ for a child through alternative care methods.

🌻 It means holistic care for both children and their families.

🌻It’s a whole bunch of different phases.

🌻It’s getting to the root of why a child was deemed particularly vulnerable and then dealing with that very root.

🌻 It empowers families to provide protection and care where maybe there hasn’t been before.

🌻 It helps find each child a sense of belonging and purpose in all spheres of life.

🌻 It means seeking to build on strengths within families, identifying and reinforcing positive attitudes and behaviours.

🌻 Successful reintegration requires careful and often intensive work with children and families, to determine if reintegration is appropriate.

🌻 It means preparing the child and family.

🌻 It means providing thorough and carefully follow- up support.

🌻 It’s centred around the child, and each family member is involved.

🌻It’s a delicate and sophisticated procedure that cannot be taken lightly.

🌻 It’s individual work with children and families, but complemented with broader work with schools, communities and policymakers to achieve the wider changes needed to support effective reintegration.

🌻 It means one day disengaging (after extensive follow-up) and ensuring family dependency is on each other and not us.

And there’s a whole lot more to go with the above! Please ask us questions about this topic if you want to know more.

We believe that every child care facility must have an effective REINTEGRATION programme. It’s important that children only enter into institutes as a last resort, and it’s important for children not to stay in institutions permanently. We must facilitate methods and programmes that will find each child a ‘FOREVER FAMILY.’

We have reintegrated 76 children back to families, to wider family members and through adoption, from our Urgent Rescue Centre. Through The KCP’s Street Team, a further 35 children have been reintegrated from the streets, back to homes. This year we have several more child reintegration’s planned. Find out more today!

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