At the beginning of 2018 we took a census with the 671 widows that are currently within our 20 Self-Help Groups. We will be taking a new census every year and this years (2019) census will begin very soon!

Statistics can help us decide how exactly our project ‘WOW’ can support and partner with these women, but statistics aren’t just numbers. Statistics are stories, memories and they represent precious lives.

Last year our census found:

⭐️ The average age of a widow in our groups was 59 (the youngest being 22 years and the oldest being 104 years)

⭐️ The average amount of own children alive was 5

⭐️ The highest number of children an individual has alive was 13

⭐️ There were 3022 own children alive amongst our 671 SHG women

⭐️ 779 children have died amongst our 671 SHG women (this is not including miscarriage)

⭐️ The infant mortality rate amongst these women is approx. 34.4% (U.K. is 0.38%)

⭐️ Approx 50-60% widows had been raped (info taken from 2 SHG’s - approx 45 women)

⭐️ 90% widows had been sexually assaulted (info taken from 1 SHG picked at random)

⭐️ 100% of our SHG women want to know their human and women’s rights

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