‘Wait and hope for and expect the Lord; be brave and of good courage and let your heart be stout and enduring. Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord.’ Psalm 27:14

The word in Hebrew for ‘wait’ means to be ‘entwined.’ Recently, I’ve been waiting on the Lord a lot and one day I had a revelation about how I was waiting on Him. I was actually waiting in a way that made God seem distant and somewhat hard to reach. Then it hit me and it hit me hard. When we realise we are wrapped tightly in God’s arms, and He is the end, not the means, something shifts and something powerful happens in our times of waiting.

We are forever entwined with God, with God’s love and grace and goodness and compassion. We breathe with God, live with God, move with God, love with God.

Isn’t it true that we often try and write our own life stories. We write the plots of our journeys, determine the flow of our lives, and structure the endings as we want them to end. Usually, with a ‘happy ever after’ type ending.

But God, as He created us, knitted together the journeys we will each make. His Words speak over us. He knows the disappointments that will come into our lives, He sees the surprises that will flow through the chapters of our years, He is fully aware of each tear we will cry and every doubt we will experience as we turn the pages of our lives.

He is the ultimate author of our story and the He is the perfecter of our faith. As the Magnificent Author, He also created us - He is a loving and tender Heavenly Father.

God entwines us to Himself, through each chapter, every step of the journey. When we recognised and embrace being entwined everything changes. He’s not a distant God. He’s here, with us, surrounding us. When we experience the entwinement with God, everything changes, and we begin to think and act in ways that we would never have before. We want to spend more time with the One whose love has filled us.

The entwinement with it Father changes everything!

Father God, I ask that you release God encounters today to each one who reads this, so that they will also be touched and changed by your presence. May you show them entwinement!

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Kelly StrongComment