#Flashback to the day we saw a HUGE and ridiculous miracle happen, in Jesus name! We were all in awe of how He lets us joyfully join in when He moves! We hosted a widows outreach on Imani and as part of it we gave the women lunch. We thought a couple of hundred would come, so we brought rice and beans to cook for 300 people. We took a register and we ran out of space on our forms to register the women's names pretty quickly m! It was soon clear that we needed food for over 600 people, maybe even 700!

We obviously did not have enough food, and our Kenyan staff were very worried about it! We declared over our pots, that with God there is more than enough and Jesus doesn't do small portions, and that there was a miracle about to happen. And then we began to serve large portions of food to the Mamas and then pray.

Long story short... all the Mamas ate, and so did the local elders and pastors!!! At a conservative number this was 625 people, but we know it was probably more like 680/700!!!

The same Jesus who created loaves and fishes at the hands of his disciples, chooses to use his kids today to multiply rice and beans! We danced and danced as we served, as we realised suddenly that a miracle was happening. This photo is of our faces in excited shock next to the rice pots as we were serving and in the middle of the miracle. We even had an extra pot of rice appear and we don't know where it came from!! God is very good and knows all of our needs!!!

i hope this testimony grows your faith as it certainly grew mine!!! 

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