Each of us are on a journey and each journey is FULL of lessons. Each day is another opportunity to GROW and FLY higher. I'm learning a hard lesson of how to FEED the spirit and STARVE the flesh. Sound odd? Well, there is a war going on, a war that will not just go away. The Holy Spirit in us is far greater than the enemy and the flesh, but His power works in us only as we actively engage with Him. We cannot make peace with our spiritual dullness, barrenness and bondage. This war is real. There is NOTHING comparable to the life the Spirit gives our heart. When we STARVE our flesh, we aren't giving in to the patterns of the world. We need to be replenished DAILY and we must make a choice to WALK in the Spirit. To “walk” in the Spirit means to walk out our daily life choices by EMBRACING what the Spirit values and REFUSE what the Holy Spirit is grieved by. We must be determined to walk in the Spirit’s values and make continual quality choices. We remove darkness from a room by turning on the light, not by taking out buckets of darkness. God writes His Word on our heart as we LIVE by it.

 #BeTheLight #WalkInTheSpirit #StarveTheFlesh #FeedTheSpirit

Kelly StrongComment