Duribf this season, Kelly spoke on 'being before doing' and 'modelling the way' to many of our widows self help groups. This week coming she will be talking about the example they can all be as women in the community.

She always makes the widows laugh with her stories and honesty. This week she was able to draw on a very recent situation where she had entered a room a few cute little kittens had been residing. All of a sudden she found herself covered in hundreds of fleas, therefore had to remove all her clothes and wash in a bucket of cold water. She then needed to borrow some clothes from the charities clothes donation cupboard, later realising she needed to feed Atlas but was wearing someone's long dress (meaning she needed to find a private spot in the rural, due to the dress needing to be pulled all the way up!)

The women often think that white people don't get sick or face normal every day problems. Kelly demonstrates well to the women that we are all same and she lowers herself to show this. It's always fun being with our Self Help Groups! We've seen so much unity be created and enjoyed.

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