Me. I was given this life because I’m definitely strong enough to live it! That however, doesn’t stop life from being just plain tough at times! There are certainly awesome days, and then other days that are just more difficult than others, right?!

Well, I’m learning that I AM STRONG, I am! Yes, I know that I’m ‘Mrs Strong’ by name, but I’m not talking about my title, more of a physical and tangible aspect of the word. It’s another lesson that seems to have never ending chapters! I’ve learnt - yet again - in this season, that our Heavenly Father is always with us and because of that I AM fierce and I AM brave. Simply because of who I AM in Him and what doors that opens up to me.

Whenever I’m feeling weaker, God is my source of strength. Whenever I’m doubting myself, He guides and lead me. He’s never failed to show up so far, He’s always here, always aways!

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