The Mama selling beans by the side of the road. The Mama ploughing her field with her baby on her back. The Mama that confidently balances her load of firewood on her head. The Mama that walks miles upon miles to collect water for her family. The Mama that sacrifices her own needs for her children. Each Mama needs to know they are valued. They are significant.

Women need empowering. Mama's need to be empowered to participate fully in economic life across all sectors because it is essential for building stronger economies. Mama's need to know their worth because they are key to achieving internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability. Mama's need to be given a voice because they have the answers to the improving the quality of life for women, men, families and communities.

The impact a Mama can have within her family is huge. Mama's help the family function smoothly whilst providing nurture and love. The Mama is wise and resourceful for her family. The Mama should be proud of all she does, she is strong and powerful.

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