Imagine a story of a loving family, based in an urban deprived area, somewhere in the UK. The risk of redundancy is high and so is the cost of living!

We probably all know and love families with familiar sounding stories. Families who have to struggle just that little bit harder.

Maybe we can personally relate?

Something that we cannot relate to so easily however, is an option of having someone take your child away. That option may come from the best intentions. It may come from a place of caring for children. It may never be an option that we could ever imagine considering ourselves BUT in times of desperation, the temptation of regular meals, an education and quality shelter may be everything a parent has ever dreamed of for their child, yet everything that they are struggling to provide.

This is an offer that we see regularly accepted in the communities that we work with and is just one of the reasons why 80% of children living within institutions world wide have at least one living parent.

Whilst some children need urgent intervention due to serious circumstances, we believe that poverty should never be the reason for a child to be separated from family. We believe that we should fight for family. We believe that we should be ambassadors of hope in difficult times. Our team seek to cheer on families through their struggles until their struggles are no more.

We use a holistic approach, tailor made for each individual family. Programmes can range from family therapy, to legal advocacy, to practical support.

The smile you see is one of a former street connected child who ran to the streets. He is now safely back at home with a family who love him and have the vital support that they need to stay together.

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