As you know, Widows of Worth is a very important project to me. I’m passionate and invested in seeing the lives of these women, and their children improved. I know many of the women we work with on a personal level and they are such deserving and special women!

Extensive research among 671 widows in the Kakamega area of Kenya revealed that 9 out of 10 widows have suffered sexual abuse from men, including sexual "cleansing" rituals. Most of the widows don't have lighting at night or use dangerous kerosene lamps which places them in an unhealthy and more vulnerable situation, exposing them to abuse. This project will serve 150 widows and their children who have been identified as most vulnerable.

We want to provide 150 solar home kits to selected widows and their families. This will improve the security of the families from predators while providing clean electric light to replace the use of dangerous kerosene lamps. The widows children will be able to do school work at home in safe, toxic free conditions. The kits will also provide a charging facility for mobile phones providing more security to the women as they are able to make emergency calls.

So, in a bit shell, these ‘Home Lighting Kits’ will provide 150 widows and their children with a safer and cleaner environment at night; enable children to be able to study in the evening, improving their education results; will save households an average $150/£113 per year in fuel and mobile phone charging bills; will enable more family interaction in the evening, and reduce black carbon emissions into the atmosphere by replacing kerosene lamps which emit 10% of fuel as black carbon, 100 x more than a diesel generator.

Please donate today to be apart of this incredible project, improving women and their children’s lives for the better. Donate below:

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