The Kenyan Children's Project is an amazing charity whose mission statement is to 'bring hope to the hopeless, love to the lonely and peace to their hearts.' Stuart and Chloe Glassborow (the Founding Directors of The KCP) and the amazing team that work alongside them seek to see the broken find hope both in Kenya and in the UK.

The KCP lovingly care for the rejected, abused and abandoned, such as street children and orphans. Their children's home provides; shelter, food, security, behavioural boundaries and individual attention for those in their care. The objective of the project is to help each child become a productive and valuable member of their society, helping them to achieve a brighter future through education, training and life skills application.

Within the charity, our role involves:

- Building strong rapports with each internal/external child associated with The Kenyan Children's Project.

- Getting to know the child's and family's individual needs and being their advocates; seeking their best interest and communicating their needs and progress to the UK team.

- Mentoring, encouraging and guiding the children.

-  Creating a process within the Children's Home for child committal and child de-committal.

- Creating tools to help the staff complete their work effectively and efficiently.

- Giving and receiving information to/from the local Children's Department and then communicating this to the Directors of The Kenyan Children's Project, regarding any children starting the reintegration programme, or regarding any vulnerable children new on our radar, following up and evaluation family's within their communities on a regular basis.

- Completing new and thorough social enquiries for each child within the family at the children's home. This involves travelling into the rural areas of Western Kenya, visiting the children's previous homes, village elders and chiefs and getting as much information as possible regarding the family and the home situation. Getting detailed information is integral for us to make the best decisions for each child. Social enquiries legally have to be completed every three years.

- Strengthening and training the staff within the Social Department, delegating and overseeing their work and empowering them to work to their best ability.

- Planning, preparing and hosting outreach events for widows called 'Widows of Worth' within rural communities and towns. 

- Completing home visits with family and widows within their communities, developing and building on individual relationships.

- Organising and taking part with our 'Family Church' services. We have these weekly for the children and staff within the Children's Home. This can involve any or all of the following; worship, family prayers, a message, testimonies, activities, memory verses and soaking.

- Planning, preparing and hosting outreach events for children within local communities.

- Liaising with the UK team on a day to day basis.

- Assisting with organising and preparing for mission teams and visitors.

- Offering nursing skills (Kelly) where necessary for example; wound care, jigger treatment, monitoring unwell children, escorting sick children to local hospitals and clinics etc.

Let all that you do be done in love.
— 1 Corinthians 16:14
No photography should be copied and used unless permission is given.