Our primary desire is to be a light in the darkness; to shine, and to love. We seek to know our Father God deeply and intimately, living purpose-filled lives out of the overflow of our relationship with Him.

As Senior Leaders at the Children’s Transformation Project - Kenya (a Non - Governmental Organisation - located in Kakamega Town, Western Kenya), we continue to see our voluntary positions at this Christ-centred organisation, a huge privilege. Its’ goals and vision are in-line with our own family’s vision and mission.

It is true to say that we are living adventurous lives as the Senior Leaders of the Children Transformation Project - Kenya. We partner with families and communities to see the lives of vulnerable children transformed. CTP-K is a member of the ‘Association of Charitable Children’s Institutes in Kenya’, and is registered in compliance with all Kenyan Government requirements for CCI’s. Our policies and procedures are based on biblical principles, and the ‘National Standards for Best Practices in Charitable Children’s Institutions. (UNICEF/Republic of Kenya, 2013).’ We co-partner with the Kenyan Government, the County Children’s Department, a registered national adoption agency and various other stake holders.

We intend to love and focus on ‘the one.’ It is easy to think that the work we are doing is just a drop in the ocean, however God’s love for each of us is unconditional and unending. We must not forget the value of each individual life.

Our work can be best defined when separating the work into two areas; ‘vulnerable children’ and ‘community transformation.’

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Many children in Kenya are living in environments where abuse, abandonment and trauma are often inflicted. Broken relationships lead to many children running to the streets for a better life or families continuing to live through horrific cycles of mistreatment and suffering. We seek to work with families to strengthen and reshape lives, creating safer environments that are transformed through the love of God.  

CTP-K has a ‘3 R’s programme’ that is at the centre of our work. The 3 R’s; rescue, rehabilitate and reintegrate is a programme that works with children from some of the most dangerous and vulnerable backgrounds. We have an Urgent Rescue Centre that accommodates children on a last-resort, and temporary basis. Institutes are no place for children to be raised and our criteria for admission is very specific. Our URC is NOT an orphanage and only accommodates the most severe cases of vulnerable of children; children that have suffered severe abuse, exploitation, or children at risk of death. During a child’s admission, each child has an individualised treatment plan created for their specific needs that is according to their individual family situation. This ensures that each child has the best chance to go on to live in a safe and loving family. Each child is unique and therefore each child’s care plan is tailored accordingly. We work with each child’s family to reach a place where their parents/guardians are able to care and love their children to the appropriate standard. Although restoration and reconciliation is highly likely in most cases, reintegrating a child to their original family is not always possible. In cases where reunification is not appropriate or in the child’s best interest, ‘forever families’ are sensitively sought after through alternative care methods; including kinship care, adoption and foster care. We do NOT accommodate children permanently.

We have worked hard to create a safe place for children to live during their time at the Urgent Rescue Centre. Each child receives protection, advocacy, spiritual care, loving care-givers, their own bed, new clothing, education, medical care, nutritious meals and our counselling and therapy services.

As we continue to work with such desperate cases, we seek to further develop our rehabilitation programme and have been focusing more time on ‘trauma recovery’ methods. Due to the severity of the children’s histories every child that is admitted has faced trauma. Our staff will soon have additional training and our NEW 90-day admission syllabus will soon be ready to deliver. Each child will engage with our Social Care Team to participate in the recovery programme, ensuring that on exit, each child is equipped further to have a brighter and hope-filled future.


“Let my heart be broken with the things that break the heart of God.”

- Bob Pierce

There are other community and family-based projects within CTP-K; including the street work, water and house projects, medical and education projects. For more details, contact us or visit the organisation’s website: www.thekcp.org

We love working with all the special staff and volunteers that are partnering together at the CTP-K, being able to lead them and co-partner with them is incredible. We aim to continue developing our leadership skills and continue raising up a team of spirit-filled leaders. As CTP-K expands, we endeavour to see God at the centre and transform all the lives the organisation touches.


Aside from the Urgent Rescue Centre, the majority of the work we oversee and partake in is community and family-based. The foundation for the work we are doing, is seeing Kingdom culture be brought into these communities.

We believe children should remain with families and so our projects all aim towards strengthening families to remain together. We believe in a world where every family feels loved and empowered, where children can grow and thrive in their own communities. We want to bring families together and keep families together for the well-being of children. Every child deserves a family! God intended families to remain together.


‘Widows of Worth’ is a project we began under the umbrella of CTP-K in 2014. We work alongside low-income widows in Western Kenya to share the gospel and enable them to live self-sustaining lives. We aim to champion building community, in order to improve each families health and well-being. WOW focuses on empowering women, abolishing the discrimination and marginalisation that rural women face on a daily basis. WOW is an opportunity for widows and vulnerable women to encourage one another and form beautiful and effective partnerships in groups, helping people live independently in their own homes. We hope to see more households with complete control of whatever situation they may be in and we wish to see togetherness and team work contribute towards many women becoming self-sufficient. We currently have 20 Self-Help Groups that consist of groups of between 20-35 widows and vulnerable women. Each Self-Help Group is a place for widows to feel safe and at peace as they meet to work together, be united and be empowered. Our ambition is to raise up women who do not base their value upon the labels the world has placed on them, but on who the word of God says they are. In order to truly change the world around us, we have to first be changed within. We are teaching the word of God to these women for them to see all the great plans that God has for their lives. We hope that these women will go to represent God and be a light in their communities, to their families and to every person they meet.

Like many rural women worldwide, a huge number of women in Kenya spend hours a day hauling water for their families to drink and wash, as well as for their livestock and crops. Women are still engaged in traditional roles as mothers and family caregivers. Women are likely to remain home to care for children and elderly or sick family members. Women are often limited or have no control over family finances and assets. When husbands die or leave, these women are often left with very little to survive, something even nothing. In many communities, women are underrepresented in community politics, and therefore have little influence over community strategies for supporting women’s rights and priorities. Widows of Worth aims to be a voice to women in the communities it reaches.

Globally, one in three women will be beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime. We offer support and services for women and child victims, and have begun delivering training to educate communities on abuse and consent, and to prevent further violence and abuse from occurring.

Our hearts have been broken for these women, for them to find salvation through Christ and their identity in our Father God. Our hearts are to see the women of Kenya, particularly the widows, have hope and be empowered to become self-sufficient in order to care and protect their children an grandchildren. Our hearts are desperate to see these women have a voice in their communities, be given equal opportunities and sexual violence and abuse end. It is exciting that we have seen over 560 salvations through this project and we hope that we shall see these women deepen their relationship with our Heavenly Father together.

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